Type designer and developer,

Type.World Stable Beta

After over two years of inconsistent Alpha development, Yanone opens the feature complete Beta phase of his open source font installation technology dubbed Type.World, which aims to greatly improve the user experience for font end users, helping foundries in turn. He will introduce the technology and point developers to the necessary resources to implement the protocol for themselves and their customers.

After his recent return from Amman, German born artist Yanone works as a freelance type designer and type technology developer from a shared office space in Dresden. Next to ongoing ventures into Arabic type design catalysed by his collaborations with Amman based branding firm Syntax, he is currently focussing on the open source and crowd funded Type.World project. With it he aims to improve the font end user experience as well as independent font publisher visibility, before venturing further into the several other projects waiting up his sleeve. He also needs to finish his first serious multi-language Grotesque typeface.

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