Tim Ahrens

Type Designer, Germany

Kern On
Kern On is a new kerning assistant devised and coded by Tim Ahrens. Using a handful of model kerning pairs set by the designer, it “kerns on” to complete the kerning of the font. The aim is to generate high-quality kerning with little effort, to give full control to the user while also providing warnings and suggestions. Careful: The tool is addictive! It will be presented – and released! – at TypeTech.

Tim Ahrens is a type designer living in Munich, where he runs Just Another Foundry with Shoko Mugikura. His type designs include the award-winning JAF Bernini Sans, JAF Lapture and JAF Herb. Tim’s fascination for the interplay of technology and shapes led him to develop design software such as the Font Remix Tools. His research on optical sizes was published as “Size-specific adjustments to type designs” (co-written with Shoko Mugikura).

Tim Ahrens
Speaker at TypeTech MeetUp

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