Isabel Lea

Creative Director, London

Can Your Fonts Dance to Hip-Hop? Sound Responsive Variable Fonts and Other Experiments.

Variable fonts have limitless potential for how we visualise language, and more importantly the sentiment and meaning behind the words. In this talk, we’ll explore how with some creative coding, variable fonts can be used to create real-time representations of data in creative ways, such as sound responsive fonts which can dance to hip-hop, or light responsive fonts which are afraid of the dark.

Isabel is an Art Director and Designer with experience working in the UK, USA and Scandinavia. Currently, she is creative director and co-founder at ATYPICAL. Isabel works at the intersection of design and language; visualising concepts and bringing them to life through tactile and interactive typography. She designs strategic visual identities, typography, design and does art direction for brands such as Adobe and Panasonic. Alongside this, she creates artist installations, product collections and projects in the experimental typography sphere, most recently developing innovative sound-reactive variable fonts.

Isabel Lea
Speaker at TypeTech MeetUp

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