Denis Moyogo Jacquerye

Denis Moyogo Jacquerye

Font/Software engineer

Developing fonts with continuous building and testing.

What kind of information should be delivered? What is the context of the information?
If we have a look on the font – What is the aim of the brand? What is the need of the user? What are the requirements from the technical point of view?
How to keep all these aspects in mind? What to focus on to create a user experience, a brand experience and a customer experience? – An insight in the questions, solutions and daily business of the UX designer and UX writers.

Denis works on language support and font development processes.

He’s has been involved in collaborative font projects for over a decade, working on open source projects and type foundries workflows.

He has contributed to source font formats like UFO and various font development tools.

Denis Moyogo Jacquerye
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