Titus Nemeth

type designer and typographer, Austria

Arabic justification: then – now – tomorrow?

Titus is currently running a research project called TypoArabic. The premise of TypoArabic is to investigate historical best practice in Arabic typography in order to inform the contemporary discipline. In this talk, Titus reviews one aspect of Arabic typography: justification. He presents evidence of historical practice and interprets his findings. He then sketches a brief historical overview of the evolution of justification techniques, to review the current state of Arabic justification in digital typography. In conclusion, Titus will outline some potential avenues for the way ahead.

Titus Nemeth is a type designer and typographer. His internationally recognized practice spans commercial and cultural work, with a focus on Arabic and multilingual design. Titus’s interests and activities extend to academic research, and teaching in higher education: His monograph Arabic Type-Making in the Machine Age was published with Brill in 2017, and he has taught type design and typography at schools in Austria, France, Morocco, Qatar and the UK.

Titus Nemeth
Speaker at TypeTech MeetUp

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